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  1. Can I have healing for my husband who is having treatment for head and neck cancer and for myself as I have great pain daily due to damage done all over from head to toe due to a horrific car crash in 2010. with which I have been left with osteoarthritis in many of my joints and I need to take high pain medication for it, just to function daily.

  2. Can I please ask for healing for my brother in law Brian Winstanley who has cancer in his bowel, liver and hip bones. Thank you.

  3. Please send healing to my parents, Christa89 years and Carl 90 years old. Thanks you

  4. Request healing for Gabrielle, she has cancer

  5. Could you please send healing to Chris Skelley who has Motor Neurone Disease.

    Thank you and God Bless. x

  6. Could You please send healing to Liana. She has different deseases and has pain and is always tired. Thank you

  7. Please may I receive healing for my father, Robert Harold B. who has multiple issues with physical health and emotional loss of a loved one.

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