Programme of Events
Programme of Events


The following programme is available to members only. Whilst we endeavour to keep this programme as accurate as possible, SNUi reserves the right to change it without prior notice.

We have currently 3 Video rooms 

ZOOM 1, ZOOM 2,  ZOOM 3 these can be accessed through the session on the tuition programme after logging into the website.

The monthly password will be required to enter the room and each session on the programme includes a download with instructions for those who may be new to the room.

Please check the monthly newsletter to access the password for current month and the directions on how to log in.  Please advise if you experience any difficulties on email at:


If your are experiencing problems of connection or sound quality you are directed to the documents available in the "Online Tuition Notes" which highlight a number of areas in which you can improve the quality your experience.
It is often not recognised that the quality of your connection may be affecting the experience of the rest of the meeting I summarise a few pointers here:

  • are you on a WiFi link from your modem?  It is always recommended that you use a hard wire connection.
  • do you use a USB microphone and earphone headset?  Use of the built in mic & speakers of e.g. a laptop can result in poor sound and echo, The headsets with small round jack plugs often give poor quality sound.

AP 19/07/2015

Please note that
no recordings should be made in any of the classes or services without the prior consent of the tutor or chairman.  AP 10/9/2017

Daylight Saving changes.

Please be aware that we are entering a time of the year when clocks are changed to conform with day light saving  practices.  All times are given in UK time schedules.  So if your area changes out of sync with UK then you will have to make the allowance.  Be particularly vigilant when times are also stated in a local time e.g. EST. 

British summer time (  when the clocks go forward 1 hour,) begins on March 31st 2019 at 1:00 am and will finish on the 29th of October 2019.