The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU) is a religious charity that supports Spiritualist Churches all across the United Kingdom, including the training of spiritualist healers, spiritualist mediums, public speakers and teachers. We have charitable status in England & Wales (No.261898) and Scotland (No.SC041714) with the goal to advance SNU Spiritualism, we are a not for profit limited company, registered in 1901.

The SNU has helped to unify around 300 Spiritualist churches and centres throughout the UK with over 2500 individual members, our churches and centres also have approximately 11,500 subscribing members. Another key part of our organisation is the support from our wealth of volunteers who play a vital role in the success of the organisation. The SNU is directed by a National Executive Committee (NEC). Reporting to the NEC are Committees, Sub-committees, an advisory National Council, 14 district committees, the Lyceum Union, and SNUi (our online branch).

The SNU owns a large residential college where students can study Spiritualist philosophy, religious practice, Spiritualist healing and spiritual and psychic disciplines and development. The Arthur Findlay College and the SNU Head Office are situated near Stansted airport in 36 acres of peaceful parkland, the college boasts fantastic recreational facilities with full board accommodation a library/museum, plus a bar and restaurant. 

The Arthur Findlay College

As well as the college the SNU also has an education and conference centre in Stafford in the West Midlands named after Spiritualist pioneer Maurice Barbanell. The Barbanell Centre is home to a beautiful church and centre for healing, with a rich and diverse choice of courses, lectures and demonstrations taught by the leading exponents of the Spiritualist movement. The centre also has on-site accommodation. 

The Barbanell Centre

The Seven Principles form the basis of SNU Spiritualism, and help Spiritualists to navigate and combine their spiritual and physical journeys. They were given to us partly through the mediumship of Emma Hardinge Britten, and are adopted by those who choose Spiritualism as their religion. 

1. The Fatherhood of God.

2. The Brotherhood of Man.

3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels.

4. The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul.

5. Personal Responsibility.

6. Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth.

7. Eternal Progress Open to every Human Soul.